Technical operation

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Don’t commission different companies with the control of your property or trouble shooting. Our group provides full-scale technical operation: regular maintenance and control of the entire electrical network and mechanical systems as well as their general technical operation. Our caretaker service comprises technical system operation, existing objects/belongings maintenance. With our technical background, we undertake planned and documented operational, maintenance works, repairs and fixes. In addition, we carry out unique technical construction.

Our staff well-versed in technical operation delivers precise work to maintain an impeccable technical state at your property – without you noticing it.

Our technical activities involve:

  • mechanical engineering
  • HHVAC (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning)
  • cleaning and operation of ventilation-, gas-, water-, pipeline system


  • electricity system (heavy and light current networks)
  • surveillance, telephone and other low-tension alarm systems, computer network

Building surveillance, trouble shooting and maintenance

  • building doors and windows, furniture and equipment
  • rainwater system, water-, solar and noise insulation, coatings, surfaces with/without treatment
  • elevators, escalators,
  • building control systems

Fire service

  • fire extinguishing equipments

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