Retail security

Retail security

The creation of a safe and customer-focused environment poses a considerable challenge to the managers, security directors and security staff of retail chains.

The members of the retail security division know the clients’ needs, the potential risks and the potential solutions for problems.

The unit comprises committed experts, detectives with excellent reference in retail security. Their combined experience is at least 50(!) years, which allows them to provide the client with effective security service. Besides identifying potential risks, we set the security standards needed for the unit’s security in line with the retail activity.

Retail security, manned guarding

  • uniformed guarding
  • detective service (effective protection against intruders, highly effective investigation of internal abuses)
  • clothes and bag inspection
  • CCTV surveillance

We service our clients in line with their increasing expectations/requirements taking into consideration the forensic science situation impacting property protection and offer them our property and goods protection services as well.

Reception of goods checking quality and quantity, safe storage and complete distribution today is not only a logistics task, but a security one. Having seen the cost rationalization and outsourcing processes, guidelines at multinational companies, those in touch with assigned us with the supervision of goods reception and distribution. Later they assigned us with the complete physical process of receiving to distributing goods.

Resolving the matter of responsibility delegation (complete or limited inventory), this way of outsourcing will result in cost saving for our clients.

Typical fields of our complex property protection services:

  • warehouse control (checking inbound and outbound transport), supervision of storage processes
  • stock watch and control
  • inventory
  • inventory assessment

The property protection concept we hold is based on the parties cooperaion and their commitment to security.

To complete this mission of ours we offer the following services:

  • security testing and assessment of shops
  • developing security mindfulness, testing, checking employees
  • holding security/property protection trainings (for managers and workers)
  • mystery purchases (security and marketing types)
  • inspection and elimination of internal security problems
  • your company’s representation in court, before authorities (acting as mediators)

The security philosophy we represent and disseminate consists of the harmonized system of property security elements, this would be incomplete without standards/regulation-related expert activities.

  • vetting, risk assessment
  • creation of standards, procedures
  • overview, maintenance of procedures

Safety instruments must be a part of a complex security system. We provide our clients an almost entire scale of equipment once they make an order.

  • walk-through and handheld metal detectors, metal detector installation
  • video surveillance installation
  • IR barriers, mobile fence installation
  • alarm system installation
  • electronic and mechanical access control systems
  • goods security systems, etiquets, safers,

With our knowledge and experience constantly improved with security and retail trainings, we claim that we play a part in making the customer, the people using services the most important in our clients’ retail units, stores and logistics centers.