Remote surveillance

shutterstock_241295437shutterstock_163085249Rokko Group provides countrywide remote surveillance and property protection service to its clients.

Our technical center manages and applies GSM- and GPRS-based remote surveillance services; our service is available everywhere in Hungary.

The intrusion alarm systems installed in different premises working adequately don’t offer full protection; loud outdoor alarms which go off often trigger indifference or annoy the very people who are expected to help.

It is useful to have our group’s remote surveillance center/monitoring station control your values protection devices. We can also protect the buildings connected to the monitoring station by sending a team to the spot. The monthly fee of the service includes non-stop availability and notification should the network go wrong.


Summary of our remote surveillance service

  • We guarantee our clients to supervise their electronic alarm systems 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Our colleagues assess the alarms arriving in the dispatch center and take the necessary steps right away.
  • Signals can come from a range of systems and may require different response. They can be triggered by, for example, a burglary, an attack against a person, fire, high level of carbon dioxide, low temperature, water pipe breakage, gas leakage, power cut, phone line problems, technical problems or anything the client finds important to be signaled.

The actions taken by our dispatch center may involve the following: contacting the owner or a designated person by phone, informing the police, the fire service, the ambulance or the local civil guards. Upon special agreement, our patrol service may check and detect the reason for the alarm on the spot and check the alarm-protected (controlled) area (process)


Special service: Video remote surveillance

Due to the technical equipment of the group’s Dispatch Center, our colleagues are able watch the images of the video surveillance/security cameras – within the building or outdoors on the premises – when the alarm goes off and can take action based on what they have seen.


This type of surveillance method ensures thorough check and professional response. It can also help avoid unnecessary notification and action on the spot in the event of a false alarm. The system records images allowing our clients to watch/ check the recordings later. These may also be admissible evidence during a potential legal procedure. We offer video remote surveillance to all our clients with broadband internet connection.


Alarm patrol and response service

Beyond its Remote Surveillance Dispatch Center, Rokko Group also operates a patrol service. When they receive an alarm signal, the dispatch center notifies our patrols, who are certified bodyguards and security guards, who rush to the spot to detect the reason for the alarm and take necessary steps.

  • Countrywide coverage;
  • reliability;
  • 24/7 standby service;
  • technical assistance
  • warranties, insurance (compliance with the standards of the Association of Hungarian
  • Insurance Companies (MABISZ))
  • 0-24 HelpDesk service
  • helpline for the elderly – help is at hand through the simple push of a button