Personal protection

Rokko_Sec._096_01-300x204Unfortunately, with the current level of public safety anyone can face a situation which threatens their physical soundness or that of their loved ones, colleagues. In our experience, this threat is more explicit for people who are successful in business. Personal protection is the field of protection with the most demanding requirements which requires employees with special qualifications.

Our colleagues qualified to provide personal protection are familiar with different forms of martial arts and regularly participate in professional trainings. Their decent appearance allows them to escort you and your partners to business meetings and receptions. If needed, we can provide personal protection experts who speak several languages and have a driving license. A well-qualified bodyguard is protective in the first place, his main task is to avoid conflicts.

Our employees are able to perform their duties undercover if the client requires so or they are exposed to danger. However, when escorting well-known people or celebrities or protected people under threat or when the situation requires so, protection can be demonstrative. In these cases it is important to have a firm, visible approach that can prevent aggressor from committing violent acts.

We take long-term assignments (24 hours per day) and short-term ones, for example for the duration of a business meeting, a higher amount of cash payment or cash withdrawal when you or a person or a team is transporting a higher amount giving cause for a potential attack.