Manned guarding

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAManned guarding is the most traditional form of a security services which can be applied to, for example, close protection, building control, transport and event security.

Our job is based on mechanic protection we complement with manned guarding. Our work is supported by electronic and security alarm systems. Guards control access of both people and vehicles. They protect the buildings, the equipments on the premises, materials, goods against external and internal intruders.

Guards follow the signals of the technical equipment installed on site (e.g. fire alarm, security alarm, camcorder, open/close sensors), document files defined by the client. They also perform policing and receptionist tasks.

They also pay attention to potential incidents during patrolling and take the necessary steps when needed (e.g. burst pipe, machine and equipment halt, power-cut, etc.).

Fields of manned guarding

  • point guarding
  • site guarding
  • combined guarding
  • patrolling
  • close protection
  • sports event security

Point guarding is executed at the most vulnerable point of a building. It provides manned guarding of a place or a route. The size of the watchpost and the equipment ensures the professional execution of the task.

At site control, the above listed tasks are performed by manned guarding service just like access control, equipment and material control and documentation. On request, we provide reception service.

During patrolling, guards protect the property by checking the site and the premises.

Manned guarding can be partial during which security is temporary or limited. It can be full scale when protection is extended to the protected person’s residence and his/her family members.

Sports and event security involves maintaining parking spaces and access control during which guards watch public safety, screen dangerous objects, check bags and clothing. Our guards are very well qualified, cultivated people with a firm attitude therefore they can handle conflicts immediately. Upon request we provide constant patrolling during events.

Combined guarding is the combination of these types.

Our colleagues working in the field of manned guarding are qualified security professionals who gained experience at different armed forces or acquired qualifications by participating in special trainings. Based on professional experience, an independent site manager can be assigned from among them.