Event security

Rendezvény biztosítás

rendezvény bizt_jobb oldali kép_szöveghezYour safety is our responsibility.

A security guards who is well qualified, decent but has a firm attitude is an indispensable ”element” of weddings, concerts, corporate-, sports and other types of events. Today, in their contract many celebrities insist on having a certain number of security personnel. Therefore, proper event security is becoming part of the show ever more.

Within the framework of event security, we secure parking spaces, design and supervise parking, control access and exit (ushering, ticket control, escort and protection of performers, bag and clothes inspection). We provide constant patrolling for the duration of the event if needed with guards who can intervene immediately and handle conflicts in a professional manner. We keep persons disturbing order or threatening public safety away from the event. Alternately, our qualified security professionals remove them once their presence is no longer required.