In order to feel comfortably, cleanliness and order around us is fundamental. If you find precise, reliable work important but are unable to devote time to keeping your environment clean, commission an expert. Cleaning at the highest level!

Our qualified team members can solve your cleaning-related problems flexibly, focused and most importantly, effectively from daily cleaning to even hotel cleaning.

In accordance with our business philosophy, we strive to provide the highest-level of professional service possible in terms of the means applied as well. We use state-of-the-art machines and excellent quality detergents which meet environmental standards. To deliver work more rapidly and save time, we insert regular check-ups and employ local team leaders.

Thanks to our knowledge, we can provide remarkable cleaning service based on the following:

  • daily cleaning
  • leveling cleaning (frequency as per requested by the client)
  • providing on-call staff during working hours
  • cleaning facades, glass surfaces, alpine window washing upon request
  • carpets and upholstery cleaning with detergents
  • coating PVC, linoleum surfaces abrasion resistant coating
  • vertical blinds cleaning (with removal)
  • operating hygienic systems
  • graffiti removal, providing protective coating
  • maintenance of curtains  and other textiles
  • after builder, after renovation cleaning
  • cleaning of condominiums and housing estates
  • rodent and pest control
  • kitchen cleaning
  • spa cleaning
  • hotel cleaning

Take a look at our services – besides cleaning we provide technical operation, security service and gardening.