Étkeztetésetkeztetes_szoveghez2Within any branch of our catering service, our primary consideration is to always prepare dishes of fresh and excellent quality ingredients. When co-coordinating events, we provide friendly and helpful staff that perform their jobs professionally at all levels so that catering cause no problem for you.

We prepare dishes in line with the client’s needs, be it traditional or international cuisine. When operating a canteen, we pay attention to compile menus whose price and quality are suitable for guests. Beyond offering quality service in the field of catering, we endeavor to prepare food that not only satiate hunger but also give gastronomic experience. We also undertake to build kitchen in which modern equipment and state-of-the-art technology makes staff’s work easier and more efficient. This helps cut operational costs in the long run. We are at your disposal with experienced staff to regular equipment check and maintenance.

Our catering services include:

  • canteen
  • catering
  • receptions
  • carrying out events
  • operating canteens

Please revise other services we offer such as technical operation of properties, security and cleaning services and gardening.